Chat spam fail

Chat spam fail

I tend to leave my chats signed in, just throw up a 'not here now' sort of message. Or just walk away from the computer and forget about them.
Sometimes, this leads to amusing things.

Recently, I've been getting hit with tons of one-line spammers telling me to chat particular yahoo accounts. Yeah, sure, that's going to happen.

This morning though, I got this amusing tidbit:

(04:38:36 AM) honneybunss22: hihi! you're from chat right?
(04:41:40 AM) honneybunss22: cool, sorry i type a little slow. 18f in college here, what are you up to?
(04:47:38 AM) honneybunss22: u wanna se more? i'm feeling kinda wild right now
(04:50:37 AM) honneybunss22: i'm gonna send you a cam invite here k?
(04:53:34 AM) honneybunss22: ok sent, did you get it?
(04:56:32 AM) honneybunss22: hmm.. let me try again, hang on
(04:59:35 AM) honneybunss22: what about now?
(05:02:39 AM) honneybunss22: ugh, this is stupid, this always happens to me when i use yahoo
(05:11:42 AM) honneybunss22: k, you just need a CC or debit to verify ur over 18, even an expired one works. we can't have little ones seeing what im about to do lol
(05:14:35 AM) honneybunss22: let me know when u make ur username, so i can link u to my cam profile
(05:20:34 AM) honneybunss22: ok you're good to go

No, I didn't redact or change anything.

Let me count the fails:

  1. It's acting as if I sent it messages in response... no messages were sent.

  2. It takes it almost an hour to go through the whole sequence (I wonder if it would have gone quicker if a cat had walked on the keyboard)

  3. They don't ever tell me where the site is, just that I should go there.

  4. Granted, I suppose court cases have decided that providing a CC is proof of age? But I'm sure that if little Johnny wanted to be a brat, he could snag a CC from a wallet or purse, especially at 5am in the morning.

  5. Grammar, I know mine is sometimes a little off, but at least a bot could be kind enough to use complete words instead of sms-speak.

I know, boring, but it amused me this morning as I was vaguely waking up.